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Crewing, Manning, Training and support

​Small to medium size shipping companies can benefit from our cost effective and direct approach.  Whether you need full crewing services or recruitment only, we will help you improve your crew resources and prepare for the future demands.


With crewing as our core function, we have also developed a number of additional support services which can be efficiently outsourced including training, travel, accounts, software development among others.


We offer a close personal contact and a strong professional relationship. Giving advice or assisting wherever we can with passion in innovation, optimization and problem solving



Performar provides tailor-made crewing services to suit ship managers and owners´ needs 24/7

We are working together with manning agencies around the world to provide the best available candidates, to suit various ship types.

For more efficient and personal cooperation, clients receive dedicated crew personnel handling individual fleets. Each operator is responsible to keep a high retention rate and to select the most suitable candidates while promoting crew loyalty to ship owners.


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We have years of experience based in Manila as ship owner representatives, dealing with training, manning agencies as well as unions and authorities.

The complex and bureaucratic Government requirements and legal system in the Philippines is best handled with experience and local knowledge. We can provide representative for contact with Philippine authorities as well as to support your interests in making informed decisions related to medical and legal cases concerning Filipino seafarers.

We appreciate first hand the pressure to fill any position under urgent circumstances and have therefore expanded our network with other manning agencies around the world to enable business continuation.

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My VIQ App

“My VIQ” App is developed to assist seafarers to understand their responsibilities as per OCIMF VIQ.
It is a useful tool for both training and internal vetting inspections by either the crew themselves or superintendents.

With “My VIQ” you can focus on what is important for your rank and vessel in the VIQ.


This is what “My VIQ” does:

  • Search in VIQ by a specific word;

  • Create inspection for specific ranks and chapters;

  • Set severity, comments and add typical assessor questions in each question;

  • Save and edit your inspections and responsible rank;

  • Filter and print inspections, questions and reports.



INPORTAL is under development and is a free web based software that will help Seafarers and people working in the shipping industry.

More information coming soon

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